My writing process as a Methodological Pantser

I recently found a wonderful video posted by well-known novel editor Ellen Brock, in which she describes four different types of writers. She continues this series by giving great tips on how each writer type can work in a way that suits them best. I was delighted to recognise myself as a Methodological Pantser afterContinue reading “My writing process as a Methodological Pantser”

Writing in different genres

Many writers have become successful by concentrating on a specific genre—for example historical fiction, crime, fantasy, romance etc. They often publish whole series based on the same subject matter and main characters. Whereas other writers manage to tackle different genres in an equally successful way, sometimes under different pen names. As a writer who beganContinue reading “Writing in different genres”

An Interview with Author Peter C.A. Olsen

Today I’m interviewing Peter C.A. Olsen. Peter is the author of the high fantasy series The Singing Sword Saga. The first installment, Talon, releases in October. Over on his blog, Peter interviewed me about my debut novel, A View From The Mountain. To read more, click here. Without further ado, here are the questions! 1.Continue reading “An Interview with Author Peter C.A. Olsen”

Book Cover Reveal: A View From The Mountain

I am so excited to reveal the book cover of my upcoming historical novel, based on real life experiences of my grandmother and my mother from 1902 to 1946. The background is in the highlands of Malang in the then Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia). My designer has created a stunning book cover, based onContinue reading “Book Cover Reveal: A View From The Mountain”

Three ways to find writing inspiration

Before I started on my first novel I had trouble finding a suitable subject. I had plenty of inspiration for short stories and poems, drawing on little snippets of life, but never dared to tackle a full novel. One day I looked at an old photograph of my grandmother and I knew that her exceptionalContinue reading “Three ways to find writing inspiration”