Before I started on my first novel I had trouble finding a suitable subject. I had plenty of inspiration for short stories and poems, drawing on little snippets of life, but never dared to tackle a full novel. One day I looked at an old photograph of my grandmother and I knew that her exceptional life would be a great source for my very first attempt at historical fiction.

I’d like to share three sources of inspiration that have helped me in the research as well as the story itself.
1. Family History
Life stories, especially those of the older generation in your family could be a great source for a book. Even old letters or records give a fascinating insight into people’s lives. But be careful. Before taking the skeletons out of the closet make sure it does not affect the current lives of your family members.
2. Newspapers
Headlines and articles are great sources for political thrillers, crime novels about corruption, but also feel- good stories when reality is stranger than fiction. Like rescues and cases of synchronicity, finding long lost family or friends.
3. People-watching
Cafeterias, parks, beaches, and any places where people gather, are useful for scenes and dialogue in your novel. Observation of mannerisms, speech and interactions may give a natural quality to your writing.

So here it is. I’m sure you are able to add many more sources of writing inspiration. Any feedback will be highly appreciated. I'm also on Twitter as alexdalton23.