Love challenges, be intrigued by mistakes, 
enjoy effort and keep on learning.
– Carol Dweck
Like many others, the start of a new year inspires me to take stock of what I achieved in the last year—or more exactly what I did not achieve last year. What was the reason why, after a great beginning and loads of energy, my writing fell by the wayside?
I could cite a myriad of reasons; like other important projects, distractions, difficult circumstances, etc. But I have to be honest. My biggest obstacle is procrastination—doing what is easy rather than what is difficult. And writing, as much as I enjoy it, is hard for me at times.
A beloved family member suggested I do it differently this year by creating smaller goalposts. An itinerary of all the projects I want to achieve, with timelines in a step-by-step way.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
– Lao Tzu
So this year, with renewed enthusiasm, I will publish my YA fantasy novel (which is now in the process of being edited) during the first quarter of the year. I will finish the murder mystery novel I have started and have it edited by the third quarter. And in the last quarter, I will start the sequel to my YA fantasy book.
And I somehow will fit in the music I love to listen to or play on the piano. Also my newfound hobby of painting watercolours and acrylics.
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